2021 Strutt With Your Mutt

Team Splinter

We are supporting Strutt with a virtual campaign for the homeless pets at Wayside Waifs. Wayside Waifs is Kansas City's largest and most comprehensive no-kill adoption campus. Wayside cares for over 6,200 abandoned, abused and homeless animals every year. 

Splinter arrived at Wayside Waifs in late August of 2019, and was badly injured. It appeared that he'd been hit by a car, and at only 4 pounds, his tiny body suffered greatly. One of his front legs could not be saved, so Dr. Kelley and the veterinary team at Wayside performed a full amputation. 
As an adoption counselor, I saw Splinter come into the shelter, and knew he needed my help. I volunteered to take him into medical foster. With the help of my own foster savvy pets, we nursed Splinter back to full recovery. I even adopted him with the intent on continuing his rehabilitation. After 5 fantastic months together, Splinter showed me it was his turn for a forever home. I placed him with the Browns; a phenomenal family where he lives his life to the fullest. He has parents, 2 human sisters, 1 dog brother, and all the love you could possibly imagine. 
You would never know the trauma Splinter endured, and that is thanks to the quick action of our veterinary staff here at Wayside. He is healthy enough to not only live the life of a normal dog, but even to participate in the 2020 Virtual Strutt With Your Mutt this September!  
Strutt With Your Mutt is an annual fundraiser for Wayside Waifs, Kansas City's largest and most comprehensive no-kill adoption campus. Wayside cares for more than 6,200 abandoned, abused and homeless animals every year. It's mission is to partner pets and community for life. 
Anything you are able to give makes a difference! Please consider making a donation to our team goal!

Wayside's mission is preparing pets and people for the bond of their lives. They provide animal adoptions, animal rescues, foster care programs, humane education programs including No More Bullying!, the Bark Park (an off-leash dog park), Whiskers & Wags (an on-site pet retail boutique), pet memorial services, and volunteer opportunities. 

With your generous support to Strutt With Your Mutt, you are making a direct impact to the homeless animals at Wayside Waifs, giving them a second chance at finding a fur-ever home! We encourage you to tune in September 14-20 on Facebook to celebrate 30 years of Strutting for homeless pets. Just "like" @StruttWithYourMutt on Facebook. 

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