Why do you Strutt?

We all know that walking is good for you and your hound—enjoying fresh air, being active and enhancing overall health. Share your story here to inspire and connect with others in your community.

Strutt for a Waif

Consider sharing the story of one of our current Waifs to bring awareness to the waif and Strutt With Your Mutt. Copy and paste one of the below stories to your social media or email to friends and family. These are all loving, sweet animals currently looking for their forever homes at Wayside. With your help, they will find homes that much faster! Sponsor a Waif by sharing their story today.



cleo adopted.png

Pleased to meet you! My name is Cleo and I’m a seven-year-old Australian Cattle Dog! Don’t let my age fool you! I’ve got plenty of spunk and energy! I came to Wayside when my last shelter ran out of space. I was happy to come to Wayside and make new friends! Not long after my arrival the vets here found golf ball sized bladder stones. I underwent emergency surgery to remove them. Wayside saved my life and I’ve made a full recovery. I’m happy, healthy and ready to find my forever home. 

Life-saving vet care and happy endings are made possible by generous donations. Support Wayside Waifs by walking or running in this year’s Strutt With Your Mutt! 



My name is Jammers and I’m a gorgeous six-year-old cat with brown and black fur. I’m a special gal and I’m on the hunt for my forever family. I was adopted from Wayside Waifs as a kitten but found my way back. Moving around has been scary and I got a little stressed out being at the shelter. Thankfully, Wayside’s foster program allowed me to spend some time in a home. I was able to relax and show my true colors. 


You can help support Wayside and its life-saving foster program by donating or participating in this year’s Strutt With Your Mutt. Grab your pals and start a team today!

Update: Jammers was adopted on June 29! Jammers is getting along well with her new family and getting settled into her new forever home!



Hey there! I’m Landon! I’m a sweet two-year-old guy and I’m so thankful for Wayside Waifs. I was found as a stray on Christmas Eve 2017. It was cold and lonely out there so you can imagine how happy and relieved I was to find a shelter that was warm and comforting. For the first time in a while, I had a soft bed to sleep on and food in my belly.

I was adopted but found my way back to Wayside a few months later. Sometimes life doesn’t work out like we expect it to and that’s okay. I was happy to see my old friends again and I was thankful that Wayside welcomed me back with open arms. I know it won’t be long until I find my perfect fit.

Your support and participation in Strutt With Your Mutt will allow Wayside to continue providing a safe space for homeless animals in the community. Sign up today!

Update: Landon was adopted by his new family on June 16. His family renamed him Sampson! He has a new dog sister in his home and they are getting along well! His family loves him very much!



kyle adopted.png
Hi! My name is Kyle and I’m a gorgeous three-year-old tabby looking for a family to love forever and ever. I came to Wayside after I was found as a stray. I came into Wayside as a feral cat. I was very scared and unsure of my new surroundings. I hid in the corner of my kennel and hissed whenever someone came by to see me. Wayside’s feline care team was patient and understanding and allowed me time to get comfortable. They went slow and didn’t push me to interact. Because of their kindness and compassion, I’ve warmed up to people and greet them with purrs and head butts instead of hisses and growls.

Wayside provides a second chance for homeless animals across the community. Grab your friends and join this year’s Strutt With Your Mutt!