Tips to Fundraising Success - The Waifs Need YOU!

The most successful teams use a combined approach of individual and team fundraising. Top teams utilize varied techniques to raise their funds. Check out our tips and tricks to ensure your team is successful.  

Getting started

strutt tip 2.jpgStart now - the earlier you begin your fundraising the more successful you'll be in reaching your goal. Use your participant center to track your donations and goal!

Lead by example - Start off on the right paw by making your own gift, then ask friends and family to match your gift.

Customize your Fundraising Page - Share your love of animals and ignite the passion of your supporters. Upload a photo or video of your furry friend, or a team photo and share a little about why you're helping homeless pets. You can also create a fundraising goal. Questions on how to setup? Contact Amanda Smasal at

Double your donations with corporate matches - Does your company match gifts from you and your coworkers? Ask your friends and family if their company offers to match contributions to non-profits. This can be a great way to add fundraising to your total. 

Youth Fundraising - Are you a youngster under 18? Looking to raise funds for the homeless animals? Youth fundraising is a great way to help the animals. Host a lemonade stand, ask your favorite restaurant to donate on your behalf, or make a call to action video and ask your friends and family to donate. Start your fundraising race today!

You don't know unless you WOOF! (or ask) - It's ok, a lot of people have a hard time asking for support. But you will be surprised how many people are willing to help because it's for the animals! Just remember when you ask someone to make a gift to your campaign, you are giving them the opportunity to do something for a good cause - a life-saving cause. Check out the pre-made messages on your fundraising page to make your asks super easy!


Get Social!

Kit_WoW_2019Share your campaign on your social media pages! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - these are all great tools to share your story and ask for support!

Ask them to share - Don't be afraid to ask your social media followers to share your story on their social media pages. Facebook is a great channel to use.

Use the social media tools - Create an event on your Facebook page about Strutt With Your Mutt and link to your campaign page. Don't furr-get to use #StruttWithYourMutt when you post!


Cheers to FUN-draising

Host a PAW-ty - Invite your friends and their furry besties over for a bbq, bake sale or movie night and collect donations! This is a PAWS-itively fun way to share your story of why you are strutting to save lives and it will give your fundraising campaign a big boost!

Restaurants to the rescue - Ask you local pub/restaurant to partner with you for a happy hour event where the restaurant or bar donates a portion of the proceeds. You might also set up a donation box for friends and other patrons to contribute directly to your cause. You, your friends and the bar can promote it on their social media channels. Cheers for the animals!

Seek sponsors for your efforts - You would be surprised how many companies love to contribute to individual fundraisers in exchange for recognition on social media. You could also create a sign to carry listing your sponsors at the Strutt. Wayside loves to recognize businesses in our community who support our life-saving mission!


More PAW-some Ideas

pool_2015Celebrate your birthday - Make birthday wishes come true for homeless pets by asking friends to donate to your campaign instead of birthday gifts. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving and helps homeless pets get a second chance at life!

Pennies for Paws - Coins for Cats - Whether you're a dog lover or a cat person you can make a big difference by just collecting change! Decorate a shoebox with photos of your favorite furry friends with a sign asking classmates, friends or coworkers to share their change. Be sure to leave the box in a high traffic area!

Splish Splash - Host a car wash and collect donations for your efforts. Local grocery store parking lots or gas stations will usually allow you to host a car wash on their site for free. Be sure to have eye-catching signs!

Need some help?

Remember we, at Wayside Waifs, are here to help you! If you have questions or ideas about your personal fundraising efforts email Amanda Smasal. We want to make it simple and fund for you! Don't furr-get we have a Strutt With Your Mutt Facebook page where you can also post your upcoming fundraising events. Please feel free to also share your successes.

Please know that you are helping to create lifetime connections between companion animals and people in our community. You are not only positively impacting one life, but two. From all of the animals in our care and those who will find Wayside Waifs as a safe haven in the future, we thank you!